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In principle, losing weight seems simple. You just need to eat less, do more exercise and the weight will fall off. Unfortunately, everybody who has ever struggled with weight loss knows that this is far from the truth.

Chronic Stress and Its Consequences on Your Health

Stress is something that most of us face every day. There are many stressors that can trigger our stress response. These stressors fall into two categories: external and internal.

Common Thyroid Problems

Thyroid is a small, butterfly shaped gland located in the lower part of your neck. It produces thyroid hormones, which play an important part in almost all physiological processes in your body.

Stress has a profound impact on our emotional and physical wellbeing. When you are under severe or prolonged stress, you might experience a myriad of symptoms including tiredness, inability to focus, troubles with concentration, irregular heartbeat, muscle weakness, joint pain, and more.

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What to Look For in an Ashwagandha Supplement?

There are so many ahswagandha supplements available today that it can be quite hard to choose which one to buy.

Here are just a couple of things to look for in an ashwagandha supplement:

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In most countries, Ashwagandha is available as a dietary supplement, which means that it is not under control of supervising agencies, such as FDA.

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What is Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is a medicinal herb from the nightshade family.